Adding Media to Your Site

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I thought I was clever when I added a photo slide to my speaking site by using ( Then I learned how to put a Capture Box on my site (look at ezine.html) and I was truly excited. Then if you remember I discovered how to embed video on my site by loading the Flip Videos to MySpace.

And I know you all have a account, right? Well if not, please do, but, if you do, are you loading your Tweets to your Blog and website? The reason you want to do this is it will make the search engines see that there is new content loaded onto your blog and site on a regular basis. It drastically improves your rankings. So t hen I thought after all of that, “wow, I’ve really got it nailed”.

But it never ends, does it?

I had been trying to find an audio converter program I could purchase rather than paying a monthly fee and have the audios stored on someone’s site that might not be around in five years. Finally, I discovered ImpactWebAudio and it only costs $37 and is a one-time fee. It’s very easy to use, has six recording buttons to choose from and a full color spectrum for choice of colors so you can match your website scheme. (Example: BeYourOwnBossGuide about half-way down the page.)

You can use your computer to record small segments of audio and load them to your site and blog. You can also use the Sony IC Recorder ICD-SX57 which you can upload to your computer and use (no charge) to create mp3 files to generate audios to let your followers know what you’re message is.

Have fun with it and remember, it’s one thing at a time, and I’ll try to stay one step a head of the technology for you!

Interviewing Authors

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Another great method of increasing your database is to interview other authors. I have been so pleasantly surprised to find that only once have I been turned down by a fellow author to do an interview. Most often authors are flattered that you would ask.

This is how you’ll set it up. Get an account at Then approach authors that you find on Facebookcom or Find a date that you can set up the interview. You’ll send a page notice somewhat like this TeleseminarDetails then the forward email will have the details of the date, time and call in information TeleseminarDetails2. The complete details for how to set up a detail is available at Teleseminar.

When you tell the author to send out TeleseminarDetails to their database, you will manage to build your database. You can design your questions for the author by searching through their website and having an in depth conversation with them.

Stay tune for my interview with David Ratklin, Founder and CEO of I’ll send a notice when the date is set so you can listen in!