Marketing Your Blog

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I know that authors love to write and imagine that everyone is reading every word they write, but how is anyone going to find your blog if you don’t market the blog on a regular basis.

You didn’t know that you had to market the blog? Well, guess what? You do! And if you’re not familiar with the techniques, you can post a request on or learn to post Tweets on, write articles and post them on the various article websites, post links on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. That’s a good start, but when you look at the big picture, you’ll realize that this is a never ending cycle of gaining recognition through the resources on the Internet.

We are so lucky to have the resources that are available through Web 2.0. Every day presents new and better ways to gain visibility and recognition for our expertise.

I was reading a RSS (like a news feed) which led me to Tony’s blog and after reading the blog I immediately emailed Tony and suggested that I would like to guest blog for him. He read through my blog and agreed and suggested that we talk live.

That’s the best way to promote your own blog. Tap into others’ highly ranked blogs and websites and catch the wave of their success.

Auto Responders

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What engages your audience is a consistent connection. It is difficult to keep up the communication stream with each individual person who might sign up on your website and blog.

Auto Responders are designed to keep up the communications automatically. As soon as someone signs up on your capture page, you can have your Auto Responder immediately send a thank you message. Then the next day it can send a message that is informational, details about what you do or even a link to an mp3 file or an ebook.

The rule of thump is to set up at least seven Auto Responders before you ask them to buy something. All the while it’s done in the background without any intervention from you.

I use icontact to capture names and email addresses. It’s designed to be extremely easy to use and is less expensive than most of the other database capture and email sending sites.