Being on Purpose

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I normally don’t write twice in a week, but I have had so many conversations this week about how important it is to truly resonate with your life purpose and passion.

I have seen people with the wackiest ideas become overwhelmingly successful because they stayed true to their passion. I have seen others who do something just because of the income and even though they have more than enough money, they are miserable in their lives or they are simply existing. They live each day without any sense of passion or purpose.

This is your “do over” as in City Slickers! You get to reinvent yourself every new year, every month, every week and even every day if you so choose. If it’s not working for you fluently, change what you’re doing until it is.

This is your year to choose your level of success! It’s up to you and only you!

Organizational Skills

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Since this is the beginning of a new year, this is the perfect time to become more organized so you can get more done with less effort. You’ll save more time and feel less stressed the more organized you are.

Every even year I bring a new organizational specialist into my office to audit what I do and make suggestions as to what I can do to eliminate wasted steps. It is difficult to figure it out without outside help. One of the best tips I was told about ten years ago was to make sure that everything I might need while working was within arms reach. I used to get up to go to one filing cabinet or walk across the office to get a binder off of a bookshelf. I even went to the extent of getting a new desk that has a bookshelf below the desk for more storage. It makes a huge difference.

I only get my mail on Friday afternoon. There’s hardly anything that can be done on a Friday afternoon, so I do a few errands that would keep me from spending my weekend doing them while everyone else is out running around. I ever do my grocery shopping on Friday afternoons.

The main objective is to decrease your level of stress. The more systems you apply and the better organized you become, the less stress you’ll have.

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