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Creating the material for a membership site is a lot easier than most would think. When you think of the intellectual property you would want to create for your followers, think of the course you would want to create for those who will be interested in your topic.

First I always want to be aware of what will make it easier for my database to become more successful and then I look for information and others who are also well known for their contributions in the topics.

I approach people who are listed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and SelfGrowth with the concept of interviewing them about their experiences, references and knowledge. It is amazing at how easy it is to have people agree to be interviewed.

But the real secret to the success of the membership site is to have those who you are interviewing notify their database they will be interviewed by you and to listen to the interview, they only have to sign up through your database.

Then you will be able to develop your database from the trusted followers of those you are interviewing.

Imagine if you add 100 people every week from the databases of those who you are interviewing. In one year you will have more than 5,000 people in your database. That will be more than enough to create a substantial monthly income.
Membership sites are a prime source of income for those who have developed a following. This is just one of the many income streams you will be able to develop as an author.

Independently Published

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I never refer to self-publishing because it will create many ill effects for an author. It should be “Independently Published”. Yet when I looked up Independently Published, Wikipedia offered this information, which I thought was not only helpful, but an impressive list of well known authors.


Self-published best-sellers

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed(May 2008)

Self-published works that find large audiences are extremely rare, and are usually the result of self-promotion. However, many works now considered classic were originally self-published, including the original writings of William BlakeVirginia WoolfWalt WhitmanWilliam Morris, and James Joyce.

Title Author Notes
What Color is Your Parachute? Bolles, Richard Nelson
Chicken Soup for the Soul Canfield, Jack and Hansen, Mark Victor
Golden Handcuffs Courtney, Polly [11]



The Christmas Box Evans, Richard Paul
Spartacus Fast, Howard During the McCarthy era when he was rejected by previous large scale publishers
Invisible Life Harris, E. Lynn
Eragon Paolini, Christopher [12] (The book was later published by Knopf)
In Search of Excellence Peters, Tom
Elfquest Pini, Wendy and Richard [13]
The Celestine Prophecy Redfield, James
Contest Reilly, Matthew
The Joy of Cooking Rombauer, Irma S.
No Time for Work Ryan, George [14]
A Choice, Not An Echo Schlafly, Phyllis [15]
Shadowmancer Taylor, G. P. Later published by Faber & Faber
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Tufte, Edward
Poems in Prose Wilde, Oscar

Other well-known self-publishers include: Stephen CraneE. E. CummingsDeepak ChopraBenjamin FranklinZane GreyPat Ingoldsby,Rudyard KiplingD. H. LawrenceThomas PaineEdgar Allan PoeEzra PoundCarl SandburgGeorge Bernard ShawUpton Sinclair,Gertrude SteinHenry David ThoreauWalt Whitman and Mark Twain.

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