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Once you have built your database to 5,000 names, you will want to begin your Membership Site. Unless you are very comfortable with website development, hire this out. It is not worth the time it will take you to develop it. If you’re using a WordPress blog site, it will be easy for your contractor to set up.
During the months, with your auto responders, you’ve built the trust with your database as to having great information to share with them.

After 6 moths, you have not only generated a great start to your database, but you should have 20-24 interviews which you have edited and generated a product. These interviews are the basis for your membership site.

Most people will offer a $1 for an introductory offer and will have a range between $9.95 to $79 a month thereafter. It will depend on your audience and industry. You might offer the first 500 the $9.95 a month and then gradually increase the rate with new sign ups until you realize your opt in rate drops below your average.

Typically in most industries, 10% of your database will opt in for your membership program.

5,000 x 10% = 500 X $9.95/mo = $4,975/mo =


Now you can see why your database is so important.

Here’s a wonderful free program to help you learn more about how your Membership site will work.

Joint Ventures

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Joint Venture relations are between you as an author, other authors and experts in your field of expertise. I have been making an average of $30,000 a year through various Social Media sites like Facebook. When I meet someone through Social Media, I look to see where the common denominator might be.

Then I build the relationship and determine how we might both benefit from working together. Other websites I use to find JV’s include:

  • In March of 2009, JD from Facebook approached me and after talking for several weeks he asked for more details about my Face Reading techniques. He and his partner Jerry had coaching clients and they thought it would be a great program to introduce to their database. We set up the teleseminar, which was more like a radio interview.

    Through the program and with some after market products I was able to generate about $4,000 from the initial 1 hour call. This is one of the greatest methods of getting your name out to multiple databases rapidly. JD and Jerry had already built the trust factor into their relationships with their database, so when they presented me as an expert, the trust factor was passed on to me.

    Another example was Bill Ellingsworth from North Dakota who I also met on Facebook. He had sold his business and was investigating various projects to see what he might do next. After talking for a couple of months, he decided he wanted to do a series based on the singles market. We each approached about 20 singles authors, talk show hosts, columnists and even a TV program host. We ended up with 21 interviews, one for each weekday in September which happens to be “Singles” month. We created a website with the product, a membership site and I created a 21 CD package apackage to compliment my second book, Making a List and Checking It Twice – What Singles Need to Know.

    Each person we interviewed sent out a webpage we had created announcing the details of their interview and when their database signed up for the $9.95 program, their details were added to our database. Joint Ventures can be:

  • Radio Interviews
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars
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