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You’ll want to reach as many Internet media processes as possible. Creating a Podcasts where you have audio contact will make you more accessible to your fans. It puts your name, your book name and your concepts out on the Internet in more places. That equals more exposure.

I was searching to see what new PR articles were out there for my book and found that two or three of the podcasts that I did were showing up on six to ten separate websites. That is equal to great exposure.

Go back to the concept of the social media sites which are a wealth of information and contacts that will help you create an ongoing resource of interviews. You’ll get great exposure and create new valuable connections.


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Your Blog is a place where you can keep your fans updated on your progress, speaking dates and any news or media coverage.

There are several ways to set up your Blog. I gave in and got another blog at WordPress so I could use an RSS feeder which updates my blog constantly. That raises the level of visibility of the blog dramatically.

Google Blog

I decided to have all three formats for blogs. What can it hurt, right? I write a three paragraph blog and switch up the paragrahs for each of the blogs. That way the search engines aren’t as likely to overlook the blog because it’s repetitive.

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