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Articles rule!

The more often you write articles and get them out into the world, the more traffic you will attract to your blog! It is that simple! When you submit your article to the various ezine directories, various online newsletters will pick up your articles and you will now have several, if not hundreds of newsletters reprinting your article which will drive hundreds if not thousands of new interested parties to your site.

This is priceless exposure. You will find you will gain an amazing amount of new contacts and expand the potential of what you will be able to accomplish with your business. It is remarkable how many people are out in the world who will be able to accomplish by gaining this new exposure to individuals who you would never otherwise know are out there.

Articles are a testament of you expertise. You will want to leverage your experience and give information in your article which will prove you have the knowledge your audience is looking for or might not even know they need.

You will want to create at least an article every single week as a minimum, but the more you do the more visibility and traffic you’ll be able to generate.

You can use ASHelper to start out and expand on to other programs as you want to increase your reach.

Re Writing Articles

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I talk with a lot of writers and authors who find it difficult to write new material every week. It’s one thing to write a book start to finish, but the average is two years to complete the book. The longest it took me was 3 1/2 years for a research book I did, “Be Your Own Boss Guide” and I’ll never tackle another project like that one. It was gruesome.

However, the shortest time was 3 1/2 weeks. I locked myself up in a cabin up at Lake Tahoe starting the week before Thanksgiving and December 9th I had the book printed and in my hands, which was a good thing since I had a speaking engagement the very next day. Originally I thought it would be cumbersome and more daunting than interesting tokeep my blogs up, but the truth is, once I developed the habit, I thoroughly enjoy the process.

I write for an hour a day to keep up four blogs, including the Social Media backlinks marketing steps. That’s not bad. As I’m driving around or having conversations with others,an idea might pop into my head and I make a note of it immediately. Again, it’s forming a new habit.

Then I take it to the next level and keep an Excel spreadsheet of all the ideas I have to write about. But let’s say you just can’t or don’t want to muster the time and energy it takes to write every week. Well, you’re in luck! There is now a software program which will scramble your previous articles or posts and make it look like a brand new original work of art. So there are no more excuses.


(This 279 word article took 11 minutes to write)

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