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How to Rank First on Google

By eHow Contributor




***Choose Your Keyword Phrase to Rank First in Google***

First, you need to choose a phrase that you want to target. For this article we will use the phrase “frying soybeans” just for fun. So for your purpose, we will imagine that you want to rank first on Google when users type in “frying soybeans”.


***Put the Keyword Phrase in Your URL***

Second, you will choose a URL with the keyword phrase in it. The easiest way is to have a domain name with the keyword phrase. For example, if you have fryingsoybeans.com, you will likely appear first or at least second. But if your domain is something else, you still need to put the keyword phrase in the URL. For example xyz.com/fryingsoybeans.html. Putting your keyword phrase in the URL is very helpful.


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***Put Your Keyword Phrase in the Title of the Page***

Next, you make the title of the webpage “frying soybeans”. The title is what appears at the very top of your web browser. By adding “frying soybeans” to the title, you will boost your page’s ranking.


***Put Your Keyword Phrase at the Top of Your Page in Large Text***

Next, within the page itself, it is good if you have “frying soybeans” appear in large text before the page itself. Basically, “frying soybeans” should appear very early in the page in large text.


***Sprinkle Your Keyword Phrase Throughout the Page***

The term “frying soybeans” should appear several times throughout the page. This will help you rank first in Google.


***Create Backlinks with Your Keyword Phrase***

Finally, you need to create backlinks with the phrase “frying soybeans”. Backlinks are just links to your page. You can put them on other pages in your site, which will help you rank first in Google. You can also place them on other websites, pointing back to your page.


***That’s All Folks***

Now you know how to rank first in Google. Good luck!
Read more: How to Rank First on Google | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5570350_rank-first-google.html#ixzz1xhlv4rn0

Read more: How to Rank First on Google | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5570350_rank-first-google.html#ixzz1xhmYFA8G

Custom Header

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The headers that are included with the Theme you choose are acceptable for some, but if you want to create a custom header, there is a simple way of doing one.

Your first choice is to hire a graphic artist. Locally you’ll spend about $100. On Fiverr you can get one in three to five days for $5 and have it installed on your site.

However if you want to do a Custom Header yourself, you can install Adobe Photoshop which come free with most PCs.

Either way you choose, you should make sure the typeface (font) matches on the header and within your blog.

I have been changing all of my blog headers this week. I had gone to Los Angeles with a group of four ladies and they had the air conditioning on in the car and in the hotel room as well. I ended up with a full fledged cold. So I haven’t been able to do much this week other than keyboard work.

I had seen a YouTube video instructing on how to change the banner and I decided to put it to the test. So far, I’ve changed 17 of my 28 sights and will be complete by this weekend.
Sometimes not feeling well can have it’s benefits!

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