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I decided to convert another of my 41 websites to a blog last week. You won’t believe what I discovered. This is one of the few places that I have not revealed what a fanatic I am about tracking my efforts. I totally believe in quantifying my efforts. If it doesn’t ink, I won’t do it. If it doesn’t show a return, I stop it!

I converted my website that has been up for more than 3 years and in one week it was ranked at 5 million, three weeks previously it was ranked 30 million. That’s in the top 5% of all websites in the world. True enough I added video, and an RSS feed which adds similar content to your blog every time the top is mentioned. It raises your rankings rapidly because of the frequency.

I still have to add my Twitter Feed which will also raise the rankings. But as an author of many interests, I now have 11 blogs and only 4 of them are websites.

I believe I will now covert several of my other websites to blogs.


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Your Blog is a place where you can keep your fans updated on your progress, speaking dates and any news or medial coverage.

There are several ways to set up your Blog. I gave in and got another log at WordPress so I could use an RSS feeder which updates my blog constantly. That raises the level of visibility of the blog dramatically.

Google Blog

I decided to have all three formats for blogs. What can it hurt, right? I write a three paragraph blog and switch up the paragrahs for each of the blogs. That way the search engines that aren’t as likely to oveerlook your blog because it’s repetitive.

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