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Another great method of increasing your database is to interview other authors. I have been so pleasantly surprised to find that only once have I been turned down by a fellow author to do an interview. Most often authors are flattered that you would ask.

This is how you’ll set it up. Get an account at Then approach authors that you find on Facebookcom or Find a date that you can set up the interview. You’ll send a page notice somewhat like this TeleseminarDetails then the forward email will have the details of the date, time and call in information TeleseminarDetails2. The complete details for how to set up a detail is available at Teleseminar.

When you tell the author to send out TeleseminarDetails to their database, you will manage to build your database. You can design your questions for the author by searching through their website and having an in depth conversation with them.

Stay tune for my interview with David Ratklin, Founder and CEO of I’ll send a notice when the date is set so you can listen in!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Have you ever ended a week with more time than things to do? Not me! How I wish I was that capable. And the more successful I am, the less time I have to do all the extra tasks! So, what do we do? Of course, hire a virtual assistant.

There are many ways to do so, one being through elance, which we talked about last month, by searching for VA’s through Google or by personal referrals from those who have had success. There are many different types of VA’s and you’ll want to be very specific on the type of tasks that you want them to do. The more detail you put into the description of the tasks, the easier it will be for you to ensure you get what you want to accomplish.

The major benefit is that a VA is much less expensive that a local assistant. They can accomplish tasks while you are sleeping, traveling or off doing what you get paid the big bucks for.

The type of tasks they will do is anything and everything any assistant can accomplish, but from outside your office. They can be trained to weed through your emails, answer them, answer various correspondence, update your website, create effective SEO and SEM techniques as well as billing and typical billing processes.

If you can write it out as a specific task, they will be able to accomplish it for you. The most important component in working with a VA is great communications and specific details.

Then put your new found free time to good use and start speaking and promoting your book.

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