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Everyone knows that your database is worth gold! The infamous “they” say when you have 10,000 people in your database; you’ll end up with 10% buying a product from you every month. So, if the product is $10, you earn $10,000 a month from the 1,000 people in your database.

Your web host has a database structure you can use to generate a database. Most people use but I started out using a service called Now I’m in the process of moving the capture details to my sites so I’m not a subjected to the whims of another service.

I’ve found the easiest way to set this up is to hire someone! I know, you never thought you’d find me making that statement. But, knowing how to do everything and knowing when it’s better to have someone else do it for you are two different things.

You now know the importance of having a capture page on your home site. But why would people want to leave you with their name and email address? For one thing, you can create great products and offer them free when new people come to your website. The products should be related to your site and have a defined value.

You can audio record an mp3 using a free download with a good headset and microphone. It is fairly easy to learn how to overlay 15 seconds of music as an intro and exit music to your product. This is also a great method of creating back of the room sales materials and give-away products for your speaking engagements.


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Have you ever felt like you can’t get it all done? Have you ever wished for an extra day in the week? It’s the nature of the entrepreneur and especially for authors. You’ve more likely discovered by now that there is no end in sight. Once you’ve accomplished one phase, the next is upon you and there is no end in sight.
One of the greatest insights my mentor told me was to commit in writing every task that I had to do. Then once it was in writing I was able hire an assistant to take over the tasks that slowed me down or sometimes plain irritated me.

So one of the greatest resources I’ve found is There is someone out there who will do almost anything that you don’t want to do. I verify that the vendor has good ratings, has been on elance for longer than a year and I look through their portfolio. I’ll even contact their clients to see how they work with their clients.

And Claudia Guzman has created a program called “LeadPods” and will have a full time telemarketer work for you for $1,500 a month. You can even share the cost with others. She’ll have her team train with you to develop the program to your exact specifications.

So what will you do with an extra five to ten hours a week?

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