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Most authors know they have to do book signings and meet their audience. Often they are required to read from their book and give an interpretation of their writings.

Authors will sell more books when they read and engage their audience, but they will sell more books by having a speaking engagement that is more of an event. No matter what the book is about, there is a way to turn the topic into a seminar.

What I like to do is help authors create a program they can take into the community and create a steady stream of income to support them.

We will be talking about techniques to speak to in the business community at our next Meetup in Milpitas.

When authors create a local following they are able to increase their income drastically. When you learn how develop an educational program you will learn how to control your income.

Come and join us in Milpitas on Wednesday

Creating Support Products

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When I create a new program or speech I will record it on my computer using Vegas Movie Studio. It is an easy program to learn and allows you to add music intros and exit music. Listen to the tutorial for learning the details and you’ll see how easy it is to build your library of products.

The most popular products I sell are CD’s. People enjoy listening in their cars, they can transfer them to their iPods, iTouch, mp3 players or even on their computers. It is the easiest media to transform into what your clients are used to working with. The basic format is an mp3 file which can be converted easily.

I buy DVD cases rather than CD cases. Fry’s carries then for $1/each in packages of ten but on eBay I can purchase 100 for 26 cents each. I get both the single and double DVD cases so when I have a handout like a Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, .pdf, or worksheet that compliments the mp3 I can put them in the same case.

I also get the CD labels on eBay and prefer the Vita Glossy brand. The 200 label packages are $35 including shipping compared to the local office supply stores that sell 20 for $15.  The glossy labels show colors more vividly and seem to be more durable.

I just purchased an Epson Workforce 11 x 17 printer for $170. It’s available at most office supply stores and the ink is now waterproof. This makes a huge difference.

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