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Every once in awhile I find a website that has great information for authors. There are so many websites out there and it is difficult to know which ones are worth while.

It’s also a challenge sifting through all the millions (1.2 billion actually) of sites to find information that is relevant to the needs you have at this moment.

One of the things that is the most important for any author is getting their material out into the world. You can do this the easiest through speaking, joint ventures and radio interviews.

But when you find a website that has a lot of traction, both traffic and ranking, it is another way for you to use “drafting” (their success) to gain more success for your site.

This site will allow you to upload your own ebook.

This site is ranked at 247,479. That is rock star ranking.

Excerpt from an email I received:

Have you written an e-book, article, poem or blog?

If so… MyFreeRead wants to promote it online for FREE! (And you can even earn advertising commission in return.)

Interested? Please visit us at and click on “Become an Affiliate” at the top of any page.

All the best,

Lisa Davis
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Torrance, CA 90501

Listing Your Products on Affiliate Sites

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I promised I’d talk about how to list your products, CD’s, ebooks, DVD’s, recordings of your Teleseminars, interviews and even your book on the various Affiliate sites.

The most common site is Clickbank. They are not the easiest site to deal with and not the friendliest. I’m not in favor of Clickbank because they charge 55% of your sales price. Then you’ll need to pay the Affiliate 50%, so you can see why I don’t think it’s such a great idea to use them. You end up in the hole every time you make a sale with Clickbank believing that you’ll buy into it for the sake of increasing your database for future sales.

The second most popular is CommissionJunction they have a much more liberal attitude when it comes to the person who owns the intellectual property.

Please do your due diligence in investigating which sites you’d like to list your material on. You might want to refer to a site Here’s a list of some of the Affiliate Sites.

So, whatever you do, get started!