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Most of the authors I know have converted their websites to blogs because of the built in SEO, MetaTags and Search Engine Rankings. Or they’ve add a blog to their Internet presence.

It is important to know what makes a blog more highly ranked and the term “Backlinks” refers to having the hyperlink (URL or website name) mentioned on another site, whether it is a blog or a website. The lower number ranked (I recommend installing the AlexaToolbar to keep track of your ranking), the more popular your site is with the search engines (the three most important being Alexa, Google and ahoo).

I’ve had many clients ask me about the Automated Services that offer posting backlinks on thousands of websites since it is one of the ways the site is evaluated, but the Automated Services will hinder your progress or eliminate you all together from the Search Engines recognition.

So, even though it might appear a great time saver and a shortcut, avoid auto submission services and follow a simple routine using a service such as to post you update notices to the most popular sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. That will give you ample exposure as long as you do it ever week.

You can also trade links with other blogs or sites as long as they relate to your topic.

Keeping Up Your Blog

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I have been showing my authors how to set up their blogs so they can build a following before their book is released. It’s important to establish a relationship with your followers and create a buzz about your book. One of the most difficult tasks for my authors is having to figure out something to write about each week. Once they’ve set up the RSS feeds and Twitter feeds, it only takes a single post each week to create a highly ranked blog. (More on the techniques at Blogify)

So what I suggest is using their chapter titles to inspire a topic discussion. Typically the title will generate a new response from what was written in the book. It is a great technique.

Another engaging technique is to take examples from experiences while speaking. I always have great stories from each time I speak. Last week while I was speaking in Pleasant Hill I had an amazing woman approach me and offer to help me do the fund raising for my school for the kids at risk. There were three women there who have survived breast cancer. There was a brand new author there who was trying to figure out how to promote her book and at least a half a dozen other stories I can use in writing posts in my various blogs.

Everyday life provides interesting interactions for you to write about. Just keep a notebook handy and become observant. There’s a story there somewhere.

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