Continuing Education

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I have listened to 6 teleseminars, watched 5 webcasts and read more than 500 pages about publishing, internet marketing, audio and video production and advertising concepts! Whew! There is more than enough information to plow through and I take on the responsibility to dig in and find the best of all resources for you.

One of the new resources is an 18 x 24 four color poster of your book with lamination for $4 – not bad, huh? You can use the posters as back drops or table decorations when you do book signings and trade shows. I’m also going to use mine for background scenery for my videos.

Oh yea, video . . . one more thing that you’re going to want to tackle. But no worries, I working on a couple of cool resources for you there too!

Keep coming back to creative impressions press as you will always find new ideas and teleseminars that will help you in your book marketing!

This week I listened to Kathleen Gage interview John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Promote your book. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, of Chicken Soup fame, revealed that they purchased two books and pasted each page around their office and checked off each and every idea until they reached the very last idea. They credit the book to a major portion of their success.

Continuing Education

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About ten years ago I decided to start taking classes where others like me, authors, speakers, trainers and leaders would also be in the audience. I loved being among a group of people who believed in continuing education.

These people are fun, open minded and are always looking for new and better ways to conduct their business. And, they’re always open to meeting new people and creating Joint Ventures.

I enjoy going to courses outside of the are even though the Bay Area has a very large base of authors and speakers. But when I go to locations around the country it expands my contact base much broader.

I have met authors of every degree of success. I have met speakers who have helped me develop programs. There are so many incredible people out there in the world, just waiting to meet you.

They might have one idea that will set you apart from others or have a connection that might be the perfect next opportunity. Whether it’s a Joint Venture of putting on a program together or with a group of others or they might host a program for you to be a platform speaker.

There is no limit to what you might be able to do when you develop quality relationships. It is such a joy to meet others who are following the same development programs as you.

I make it a habit of going to at least four to eight every year. I save the business cards and keep in touch with those who I develop a strong relationship with. It might take awhile, but eventually, together you’ll be able to create something fun and productive.

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