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After three false attempts, I finally met with Andrew at the local Starbucks so we could talk about writing his book.

I’m usually not that generous, when someone doesn’t make an appointment with me twice in a row, I’ll assume we’re not meant to work together and more to the point, I wouldn’t want to work with someone who doesn’t respect my time enough to show up. I’m not sure why Andrew is an exception to the rule, but I’m sure one day it will become obvious.

We talked about is financial planning business and how it might help him be perceived as more of an expert where he to have his own book highlighting his preferences and knowledge about financial planning.

I asked him if he knew of any other authors and he only knows of two: a previous boss and one of the parents of his son. I had never asked anyone that question before and I was curious of why I had asked it!

It turns out that Andrew has always wanted to write a book for the sense of accomplishment it would bring him. I thought it was very interesting it would be a primary motivator, but we never know what drives another person to do what they do.

I hope he follows through, I believe he would find it one of the most rewarding projects he’s ever done.

Discipline of Writing

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Most people I talk with who have a desire to write their first book feel like it’s too overwhelming. They look at the book as a monumental project.
What I do is to share my concept of how to write a book in 6 weeks, with one hour a day. It takes about three hours to write the outline which consists of 15-18 topics (chapters), 10-15 talking points (paragraphs) and 5-8 points for each paragraph. Once you’ve written your outline, you can write four pages an hour, 2 ½ hours per chapter, 25 hours to write ten chapters. After two edits, you will have your book completed in just four to six weeks.
It really is that simple!
Now for those of you who don’t enjoy sitting down at the computer everyday, and there are truly more of you than those of us who enjoy doing so, the easiest method of getting your book done in the same amount of time is to buy a digital recorder. Carry your outline with you everywhere you go. I have some clients who have put their outline on their cell phones so they are never without it.
You can talk your book into existence and when you get back to your computer, you will be able to transfer the audio files to text files. Then you simply massage the text to become the chapters.
Now, even those who don’t enjoy typing can create their book in 4-6 weeks and become an author in less than two months.