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I first heard of  Joint Ventures I thought how obvious it was people should join forces to do programs to help each gain visibility.

I was surprised actually, someone had made an issue of it, but pleased more people would realize the benefit of being able to increase their visibility by joining resources. Joint Ventures are the easiest and fastest way of being able to build your database and have more people discover your expertise.

I use Social Media to find potential Joint Ventures. I have found I have to assign a specific time, fourth week of the month, Thursdays and Fridays to generate the level of relationships which will create rewarding venues.

Facebook has been one of the best resources and SelfGrowth has been another. I enjoy meeting authors who have written within the same genre as I. It’s hard to believe but you can also use Amazon by searching your book and then seeing how it’s categorized. Then search other books in the same category and search the author’s names to find their websites.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the receptiveness of authors. The conversation is more of telling them I saw their website and book and wanted to talk about how they market their book, if they’ve done any interviews, what is working well and what they might need help with.

I always try to have something to offer them they need and then I suggest we schedule a time where I might interview them. It’s a great strategy.

Facebook Joint Ventures

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I know I talk about Social Media often, but I have had so much fun getting to know people from all over the world because of the resources we have available to us. When I released Create Your Own Reality in June I placed a sentence at the top of my Profile page requesting help with the launch of my book. Within a month I had so many offers of help that I could hardly keep up with them.

Other than the 12 radio interviews from all over the world, Spain, England, Canada and all around the US. I have been interviewed on Teleseminars, too. I am also creating a couple of new Joint Ventures for speaking. One is in Australia! And one of the most lucrative resources in Joint Ventures will be how well you create your relationships with those who have large databases.

There are so many people who share your interests and will gladly promote your book, interview you and encourage their database to support you as well. It’s just one more way you can get a lot more traction without having to work so hard.

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