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I was in New York a couple of weeks ago and had a chance to catch up with on of my authors from three years ago. His book is on investing in the Real Estate market, so you can imagine how challenging it would be to market his book during the past couple of years.

But I always feel there is a market for the right audience to discover an area they have not yet explored. As an example, with Ken Beasley’s book, The Future of Real Estate, we can speak to realtors and brokers to establish a broader viewpoint on encouraging their clients to investing in income generating properties.

One of the positives is this is a buyer’s market. Homes are selling for close to what they were 20 years ago in some parts of the Bay Area, Houses in San Jose that were a million dollars are still under $500,000 two years after the economic downturn began. And even though 10% of all homes in the US are in foreclosure, it is great news for the next generation of investors and those who can now qualify for a home they couldn’t even dream of two years ago.

We often get caught up in the news and the negativity it presents, but there is always a way of re-purposing our work.

Take a look at your books and see what you can do to get back out into the market place.


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An author has to become a speaker. Just as much as a speaker should become an author. Marketing your book or marketing yourself as a speaker is much easier than most people think, especially with a plan.

There are at least 22 individual marketing techniques your can apply to your business and there are combinations of specific marketing techniques that will gain both authors and speakers more visibility and followers than most of the traditional marketing strategies such as newspaper or magazine ads.

I started marketing my business by speaking at the service organizations and after about five years I started speaking at chambers, women’s organizations, unemployed outplacement groups and anywhere else I could find with an audience. I developed a passion for speaking I couldn’t have imagined and the marketing became seamless.

I found groups and events which fit into my topics and began to develop products which would add to my bottom line by having the audience purchase products and hire me for other venues. I have trained more than a hundred speakers in the past twelve years and

I’ve had some amazing success with those speakers. Everything from changing their own belief about themselves to creating massive income increases. Marketing is one of the only ways you will be able to control your income as a speaker. Sign up for our Meetup group on Wednesday if you’re in the Bay Area to get the complete details.

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