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There are many Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies in which you can set up speaking engagements with.

The first MLM I spoke at was Nikken. They had monthly training meetings and I was invited to deliver a presentation on networking. It was just after I published my first book Mixing it UP! They allowed an hour for me to do the presentation and it was not only well received but I sold about 15 books to the audience of about 200. I was thrilled to have sold $225 in books. It was the biggest one day of sales I had to that point.

The MLM groups were very fruitful for me. I learned to think like the MLM strategies. I began to understand why it was important to offer unique concepts to help inspire those who were about to venture out on their own, sometimes for the very first time. They had no idea of how they were to develop a business.

Speaking to an audience carries a responsibility. I have seen many speakers who only talk about promoting their interests. A speaker has to know how to create an interest in their work it’s true but it is more important to know what the audience needs to hear.

Breakout Sessions

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One of the best ways to increase your revenue as an author is through speaking. There are many ways to speak as an author and one of my favorites is to be a breakout session leader at conventions.

One of the websites I use to find potential speaking engagements is Trade Show National Network. Once you fill out your profile, you can get information about expos and conventions as far as two years in advance.

The sessions usually require about an hour to 90 minutes and they typically pay between $3,500 and $7,500. You will be able to attend the entire expo and meet the attendees by attending other breakout sessions.

It is one of the easiest speaking engagements because it takes so little time.

When you approach a trade show organizer, you’ll want to have a topic that is in line with their event. It must add great content to their line up of speakers.

It might be more difficult to break into the expo and convention arena, but it is well worth the effort.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a website or blog promoting your name as a speaker. Make the site specific to your expertise and notoriety as a speaker.

When you approach the event planner, don’t leave a voice mail, keep calling until you reach them live. They typically do not return calls until they know who you are.

Look to see who might already be booked as a speaker and try to contact them to see if they can offer any insights on presenting to the event coordinator.

Keep trying! It will be well worth your effort.

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