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Most people I talk with who have a desire to write their first book feel like it’s too overwhelming. They look at the book as a monumental project.
What I do is to share my concept of how to write a book in 6 weeks, with one hour a day. It takes about three hours to write the outline which consists of 15-18 topics (chapters), 10-15 talking points (paragraphs) and 5-8 points for each paragraph. Once you’ve written your outline, you can write four pages an hour, 2 ½ hours per chapter, 25 hours to write ten chapters. After two edits, you will have your book completed in just four to six weeks.
It really is that simple!
Now for those of you who don’t enjoy sitting down at the computer everyday, and there are truly more of you than those of us who enjoy doing so, the easiest method of getting your book done in the same amount of time is to buy a digital recorder. Carry your outline with you everywhere you go. I have some clients who have put their outline on their cell phones so they are never without it.
You can talk your book into existence and when you get back to your computer, you will be able to transfer the audio files to text files. Then you simply massage the text to become the chapters.
Now, even those who don’t enjoy typing can create their book in 4-6 weeks and become an author in less than two months.

To Be An Author

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I’m at a speaker event in Los Angeles and have met about ten people so farm, who want to write a book. Can you imagine or have you ever been to an event where the room was filled with authors or people who want to write a book?
It is so inspiring to be around people who have dreams and aspirations. It makes me think about all the people who live their lives without direction or simply existing rather than living their life to the fullest.
When you have a choice to write your book and join the magical world of being an author, going out and inspiring others to live their dreams, why would you choose to do less?
It is a matter of choice. Even if your book doesn’t become a number one best seller on the New York Best Seller’s List, getting your book out into the world is a major accomplishment. I can’t imagine anyone writing a book just to get it on any best seller’s list, because the main goal of an author should be to become a spokesperson for their topic and generate an interest in others for their topic.

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