Writer’s Block

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Have you ever cleared your schedule and sat down for a planned session of writing only to find you had writer’s block? It happens to everyone and it’s very challenging. What do you suppose stops someone from being able to write when they want to write? Is it the pressure of having a deadline or having to perform?
The reason isn’t as important as the solution, but when you know the reason, you are able to find a solution to overcome it and not have it stopping you when you’re all primed to write!
I am the quintessential info junkie and consummate knowledge seeker!
I took a few Akihito classes over the years and in one of the classes the instructor talked about reversing the control of the left or right brain. Typically every reverses which side of their brain is dominant about every 90 minutes. But if you’re writing a creative piece and you’re in your left brain, you can’t write creatively when your in your left brain.
As well as, you can’t write a logical piece if you are in your right brain.
So the way you can control this is first, hold your index finger against the right nostril. Then blow out freely. Make a note as to the amount of air that is flowing. Then, hold index finger against the left nostril. Whichever has the most free air is the opposite side of the brain that is dominant at the moment. If the right nostril has more free air, you are now in your left brain or analytical brain. If the left nostril has more free air, you are now in your right brain or creative brain.
To switch to the other side, locate the gland about halfway across your collar bone, you’ll recognize it when you apply pressure and feel slight discomfort or tenderness. It doesn’t matter which side you use, but apply your thumb and in a circular motion starting at 12 o’clock or straight up, rotate towards your left shoulder, then down and then towards the right shoulder. Continue for about a minute.
Then recheck to see if the airflow has switched to the other side. Now you know how to control which side of your brain is dominant.
Of course if you have a cold, sinuses or need to have nose surgery, this won’t work but maybe you could try it on someone else! LOL

Writing is a passion

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Writing is a passion . . . writing is a form of self-expression . . . . writing inspires!

Now, for the first time in the history of passionate, self expressed and inspirational authors, there is finally a way to earn more money from our intellectual property than either the publisher, Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

This is a revolutionary tactic for authors! It is time to reap the rewards from our hard earned efforts!

What lead me to this? I have taken more classes in the past 5 years and spent more money trying to figure out how all these gurus are making the mega bucks, and finally, I got it!

And now, you’ve got it!

So, the first step is, take one hour and outline your book, about 15 to 18 chapters, and then list 12 to 15 questions or ideas for each chapter. Viola! you have your book! It takes 2 1/2 hours to write a chapter. Do not edit or read it while you’re writing, then even if you only write once a week, 15-18 weeks later, your book is finished! The next step is the editing and I have found that friends give me the best input for the first rounds of editing.

If you already have your book and would like to find out how I am printing my hard cover books for $6/book, let me know!

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