Personal Google Results

You might not realize the benefits of having great results on Google, but it has come to my benefit multiple times. One year ago if you Google my name without quotes the results was 90,000, which is not bad, but this month it is the highest it has ever been. It’s at 1.8 million.

All of the techniques that I have been talking about are why I have gained such a dramatic increase in the results.

Every week I spend about one hour requesting new friends on Facebook, one of my latest is Michael Beckwith, (from The Secret). I try to answer messages on my wall within a couple of days, but if not, I catch up on the weekend.

I installed TweetDeck to make it easier to respond to the messages at Twitter. There as an unbelievable number of applications you can add to Twitter to make it easier. Send a message as to what you’re doing, but include your website which counts where Google is concerned. You can also use to set up your Tweets in the future.

Make sure you have all of your links on each of the social medial sites, because each of the back links will help your results.

Now when I call a producer my Google results are all I need to get booked!

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