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There are so many details to cover when you are a new author. I’ve never found anywhere else which covers each and every detail of how to get started and walk you through each of the marketing stages.

When I needed my first ISBN I went to the library and asked a librarian how I could get one. They had no idea. Three hours of research on line and I finally found the one and only resource to get the ISBN.

At the time, in 2000, I was forced to get 10 for $200. Today you can buy one at a time for $30 and you can also get the barcode along with it for another $25. That is a great deal and will save a great deal of time.

Getting the book cover designed and a professional photo has to be a priority early on. It can take six to eight weeks to get a book cover designed.

Early copies need to be distributed to reviewers to make sure there are enough reviews to pick and choose from. Also radio producers need to get pre-press copies or at least a .pdf document to pre-arrange radio interviews.

It’s also important to set up speaking engagements early on so when the book is released there is a platform ready to launch.

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I've published eight books and love to help others learn to take control of their intellectual property. I have developed a program that will provide authors 75% of the sales price as their income rather than the publishers and bookstores. This is the most complete program you will find for your book. Join in the adventure. Let me help you take your book out into the world.
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