Attending Speaker’s Events

I’ll be attending an event in Los Angeles next week for Speakers. So, why would I write about a speaker’s event at an Author’s blog?
All authors become speakers if they are to become successful.
Being a speaker is one of the top requirements of an author. Whether it is to speak to a small group of ten or eventually ten thousand, speaking is the core foundation of an author’s exposure to new audiences. The most popular and financially rewarding activity for an author is to speak to groups of targeted audiences.
I love to attend speaker’s groups because the event offers concepts which are often inspirational and are productive and profitable. The people I meet at the events are most often the type of people I truly enjoy being with. Speaker’s generally see much more potential in the world than those who are not speakers.
I try to attend at least three or four events outside of the Bay Area every year and at least one needs to be a speaker’s event and another an author’s event. I have the greatest respect for the speakers and authors of the world. They are willing to put their passions to the test. They will stand for their principals. And when I attend events where authors and speakers are the primary audience, I am inspired by their stories and the paths they have taken to get where they have arrived.

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