Writing a Book in 6 Weeks

Almost every I talk with is astonished to think they could have their book in their hands in six weeks or less.

Most think it’s impossible. I actually took a class in the mid-90’s that taught how to write a book in two weeks or less. It is possible, and I have indeed met several authors who crank out a book in a week.

That’s not my style and I don’t think it sounds like much fun to have that type of writing monotony. So I came up with a formula that is very simple.  Write for one hour a day, it takes about an hour to write four pages. There are an average of ten pages per chapter and the average book is 200 pages with the 20 pages of introduction to the book. It takes 2 1/2 hours to write a chapter and 37-38 hours to write 15 chapters. Then it takes about a week to have the book edited.

We’re up to 45 days and still have time to run the book by a couple of friends while the professiohal editor is carching the typosk inconsistencies and fluidity issues.

So that’s it! Merely 45 days start to finish and the book is done. The the printing will take about two to three weeks and I always recommend Print On Demand (POD) for the first two or three runs. You will always find thig you want to change along to way, but the important issue is to get the book out there and start marketing it.

That’s where the fun begins.

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