Pay for Results

I first heard of Pay for Performance, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and other resources which offer a pay only for results system a little late in the game. I was at an event July 2009 when one of the speakers was talking about his results with CPA.

Then I found out how difficult it was to get the attention of the CPA firms. The work with the big guys, Fortune companies and those who have already proven their tract record and close ratios.

It seems redundant to use CPA firms if you already have a large database and a track record of sales. So after many attempts at trying to sway them into working with me, I put it on the back burner.

Now, here it is 18 months later and the tables have turned. CPA firms are looking for new clients. There is a lot more competition out there and they are hungry.

ResultFirst is one of the companies I’d like to introduce you to. Do your research, but here’s information from their site to help you become a littler more familiar with them.

Obviously, because you want to spend less time worrying about how your site is ranking on search engines, and more time on strategizing your core business. Setting up your SEO campaign with us means you can be relaxed about SEO and focus on other important tasks. Moreover, since you pay us only when your website ranks, there’s no worry of your marketing budget going waste.

ResultFirst strategies your SEO in a way that allows you to discover newer SEO and online marketing opportunities.