Marketing Choices

Authors have so many more choices than they ever had to be able to market their books.

I have created a list of more than 22 individual programs authors can use to get their books out into the world. In fact, with less than 20 hours a week and using less than 4 of the concepts, it is very possible to sell more than 5,000 books a year. That is amazingly considered a best seller, both in fiction and non fiction.

The top four concepts are:

  • Joint Ventures
    • Expert Exchanges
    • Interviews
  • Radio Interviews
  • Speaking 
    • Breakout Sessions
      • Conventions
      • Targeted Events
    • Organization
      • Meetup Groups
      • Associations
      • Chamber of Commerces
      • Social Organizations
    • Platform
      • Events

If you were to spend five hours a week focused on each of the four areas, you would be insured of success. I know it’s hard to imagine, but less than 1% of all authors ever sell more than 1,000 books, total. But most authors have no direction nor help from an outside source. I believe that is what makes the difference between just getting by as an author and those who are success

Imagine if you were to try all 22 concepts. Your success would be limitless.

I love helping authors find their stride. Not all authors are comfortable with all of the marketing concepts, but all authros are capable of doing at least these four concepts.