Shorten Hyperlinks

Most of the time when you use your website link to help push people back to your blog/site. Every time you add a post, be sure to insert an update on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and any other Social Media site you are using. Each back link you have pointing to your site will drive traffic but more importantly, will raise the ranking of your ssite to have a mention on a highly ranked Social Media site.

But occasionally, you want to reduce the size of your website link for a couple of reasons. The first being to minimize the number of characters you use up when sending a message on Twitter but also if you are using an affiliate link and don’t want others to break the thread of the link. As an example, you have signed up for an affiliate program, and your affiliate link is Anyone can delete the “r332tb and go directly to the source while cutting you out of the affiliation. But there are a couple of popular services that will reduce the size of your link while keeping your affiliation in tack. The first is Bitly which one of the sites that allows you to track the number of hits to your link.

Another is tiny and the site will also give you a shortened or abbreviated version of your site link.