Have you thought of publishing your book to ? By now you know it is important to make your book available in every format possible. When a reader prefers to curl up with a book, it’s important you have exactly what they are looking for.

But when your potential reader is on the go and they forgot to pack a book, but maybe they heard you speaking or one of their friends told them to look up your book, you will also need to have your book available in various electronic formats.

Up until very recently converting your book to the was very expensive. Those who had figured out how to do it charged as much as $1,500 but the average has been $1,200.

But with the Author program through Creative Impressions Press, the format change to Kindle is included. You can automatically get your MS Word doc, .pdf or most other formats converted in a matter of just a few minutes.

And there is no charge whatsoever!

Having you book is all about getting your book out into the world. It’s important to broaden your audience and let the world know why you have written.

Kindle is just one more method of doing just that!