Unique Authors

I have met many authors over the years and they come in all shapes and sizes! I have met very serious authors, those who are Law of Attraction focused, self-help, mystery writers, auto-biographers and the full gambit!

It always intrigues me as to why someone writes what they do. Most often it is because they have a special interest in the topic: someone who is single writes about being single; where a mother with a specific point of view might write about her experiences or someone who is disabled will write about disabilities and what they never knew before they became disabled.

It is fascinating, more than anything I love the fact that people will take the time to write about the things they are passionate about. They take the time to share with others why they are passionate and they want to impact other’s in a positive method.

I am so happy to work with authors who are passionate. I enjoy working with people who care about what they do.
If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, this program will help you become a published author within 6 to 8 weeks with an hour a day.
You won’t believe what an amazing time you’ll have once you have your own book in your very own hands.