I’m in New York and had a chance to visit with one of authors who moved here from Danville nearly two years ago. His book is “The Future of Real Estate“. Ken Beasley had paired up investors and those looking to buy a house in California for 20 years. It was brilliant! It offered investors a great potential for ROI and those who didn’t have all the funds for the down payment to still get into a home.

But then we all know what happened to the real estate market! So Ken and BJ moved to New York where they had bought a condo in Hells Kitchen.
I’m in New York for a convention relating to my Non Profit and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with Ken.
Of course we met at a Starbucks (Chambers and Broadway) and found two stools (it’s not that easy). After we caught up on what had been going on since Ken moved to NY, we spent an hour going over strategies on how he can get back on track with marketing his book.
It’s a great thing about having a book, even after years of no activity, you can pull the book out of the closet, dust it off and start a whole new campaign to get the book back out into the public eye.
With Ken’s book, those who weren’t interested in the Real Estate market three years ago are probably more open to look at it.
Books have a very long shelf life and are easily revitalized. I’m looking forward to working with Ken on creating the buzz around his book.