Author Resources

I have been connecting with a lot of new publishers and those who are looking to create programs for authors. It seems as though people are really catching on.

I was talking with a publisher in Chico who found me on Facebook and she has designed a marketing program for her authors that will help them get their books out into the world.

Then about a week later I signed up on an author’s site and one of the founders asked to talk to me about collaborating on a project where she will be engaging authors from all over the world.

Since it has been a passion of mine for many years now, I love that others are stepping up to the plate. There will never be enough resources until every author is able get their books out into the world and make a decent living from being an author.

One of the key common factors is everyone wants to create turn key solutions to streamlining the plight of authors who have been taken advantage of since the invention of publishers.

That time has come to an end. Authors are now able to call their own shots and learn how to mange their own careers.