Affiliate Program

I was approached by a friend on Facebook that wanted to interview me and create an Affiliate program with others who have large databases. The book they were interested in, Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom sells for $24.95, but the interview will sell for $79.

He’ll keep $12, the Affiliate will keep half of the sales price, $40 and that leaves me with $27 which is $3 more than I make from selling the book, but I don’t have the cost of printing or shipping the book, and they’re doing all the work! There are many websites that you can list your Affiliate offer. Clickbank Commission Junction Affiliate Directory 5 Star Affiliate Programs What Affiliates are looking for is a product that is unique and has a $59 or better price.

They expect a 50/50 split. One of the reasons I prefer to build the relationship with the Affiliate personally rather than going through the websites is Commission Junction (CJ) keeps 45% and the Affiliate keeps 50%, so you’re left with 5% or sometimes you will owe CJ because they randomly decide to keep 55%. The best way to find Affiliates is to attend the Affiliate conference held throughout the year. You can Google Affiliate events to find such events. Listen to Keith Baxter’s Affiliate Radio program and get inside information for an expert.

You can also Google Affiliate experts or blogs and you’ll never run out of leads to work with. I found Facebook a reliable resource for Affiliate marketers. They make their entire income from Affiliate programs and know what their database will respond to, so they won’t waste your time.

Remember, your book by itself is not enough to entice them, you need to create an audio program that is filled with great content and is unique.