Get Great Testimonials

Get Great Testimonials

Everyone needs testimonials for their books and you’ll discover it is much easier than you might have thought. All you have to do is ask!

Start out by sending an email request to those who are in your database. Tell them you are looking for their help. Explain in simple details what you would like them to say. Write out an example of what you would like them to say for you.

Make sure you let them know their opinions are valued by you.

Here’s an example of a request: “I’m sending out a quick note to ask your help. I am currently looking for some great “specific” testimonials to put on our web sites from customers like you.

Please take a few moments to respond and tell me something about what you have liked about the product(s) you have experienced. We will include the best testimonials on our sites and include your name and your website link and you be able to get great comments you can copy back to your site.

Getting back links to your site will help you gain valuable traffic and improve your rankings. You can even send a link to the article mentioning you to your contact base.

You might even want to send them a link to this article as an example of how to write a good testimonial.

Video testimonials are all the rage. They attract more new visitors and increase your rankings drastically. Each video should include an introduction to the person producing the testimonial to make them more real. Information should be included such as their name, business and what experience they might have had before they had your product.

This segment of the testimonial should talk as though the viewers will not know anything about your products. The more specific the information, the better it will be. If they have visual proof such as a spreadsheet showing a bar chart of increased profitability or time saved.

The last segment should include the main benefits they have experienced because of your products.

Here’s an example:

“Because of my great results with the Author Training Program I have been able to increase my speaking engagements by three times in less than three months.”

You should continue to ask for testimonials every month so you will be able to keep them fresh and you will even be able to rotate them frequently.

You should be able to place the testimonials on every page of your website.