Book Trailers

The subject of book trailers comes up quite often, now that we have Flip Video cameras and other hand held devices which are in the iphone/pad family.

It has become very easy for authors to create an interesting video to share with their audience. It provides the buzz for book reviewers and talk show hosts. It’s a great way to gain attention with those who just stop by your site or to have on your social media sites to push traffic to your site.

One of the LinkedIn authors recommends: GoldWave sound editor ($19 version will do fine) to edit the sound track, which was composed of several pieces of music woven together from Kevin McLeod’s free music site: I bought an older release of Video Studio for about $30 and saved a lot of money. You can see my results at:

Another contributor suggests: I’ve also found Videopad and it’s free

One more commented: I spent $40 for the Creative Commons music and used the following free software: Open Office Impress (PowerPoint tool) and Windows 7 version of
Live Movie Maker. The transitions are as smooth as Carol’s. I am sure you could achieve similar results.

This trailer was done by Bring Media, the top package,