CIP 1-32 – List Building Program

A good portion of your long-term income will be based on your database, often referred to as your list. Your goal should be to have no less than 10,000 people in your database.

You will want to stay in communication with your database no less than once a month but most send helpful information out weekly through auto responders (preset messages you you can set up in advance). The idea is to keep your name in front of the database and have them relate to your valued information.

When you are speaking, always offer a free book, CD or product through a drawing from business cards you collect. You can use a Virtual Assistant to input the names and contact information into your database.

I have an offer for a free product mentioned on each of my websites as well as on the business cards that I had out to entice people to go to the website and leave their information in my databases.

In previous programs I mention having others send a notice to their database to sign up through a webpage that I create specifically for a Joint Venture program or Interview and I’m able to capture other’s contacts in my database. This is the fastest way of collecting names in your database.

If you’ll remember I mentioned that the ideal is to interview at least one author each week. Each author has at least 3,000 people in their database, but if they’re on top of their marketing, they could have as many as 10-30,000. If 10% of their database decides to listen into the interview (I never charge for these calls to encourage a higher number of responses), then at the very least you’ll be adding 300 people to your database each week, 1,200 a month and nearly 15,000 in a year.

That’s when the passive income begins to kick in.

I use iContact to capture the contact information. It is the easiest one to use and again I love that they actually answer the phone. You can generate multiple databases such as Law of Attraction, Membership site, Coaching, Joint Ventures, etc.

There are many list building programs out there you can sign up for, most range from $79 – 129/month. I have joined nearly every one I came across, but the most effective method of building a quality database is through the Interview process and capturing other people’s database.

1. Targeted Ezine Solo Ad Marketing

2. Massive Email Marketing

3. Pay Per Click Advertising
Delivers the fastest method of driving traffic. Just know what you’re doing first though, or you’ll lose your shirt. Pick up a good course on the basics. Then pick up good courses on the advanced methods some use to effectively use this method of traffic generation.

4. Traffic Geyer
Offers a complete service for generating “marketing ready” videos for promoting your website. No tech skills needed. They provide the brains. Cool Service!

5. Big Traffic Tidal Wave
Delivers solid, targeted traffic. Hands – Off Full Service Shop. Like all sources, TEST SMALL and then scale up.

6. Massive List Builders
Leverage many other people’s efforts and use this FREE service for FAST list building.

7. Outsource Your Ezine Advertising
Outsource the whole darn thing! Bit more money but still very realistically priced. Great for Top-Tier Direct Sales Programs. They’ll even write your targeted ad FOR you. Just give them an angle or some details or they’ll research it themselves. Cool.

8. My Mega List Rapid list builder.

9. Extraordinary Minds

10. CPA Arbitrage

11. Mega Mail Deal

12. List Builder

13. Flux Ads

14. BizOpp Network

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