Article Submission

I am often asked when speaking to author groups what the most effective method of driving traffic to a blog is and how to get the traffic consistently. I have tried every possible formula I could think of for more than a year. I took more than one blog class every week for over a year and tried every single technique that was presented.

Some things worked other techniques didn’t even make a dent. What makes a technique effective or worthwhile? Try Googling your name and see how many results there are. Then install Alexa’s Toolbar and keep track of your website/blog ranking. When your Google results become more than 100,000 and your Alexa ranking becomes less than 1 million, then your efforts have be rewarded and what you’re doing is effective.

I have found a specific combination of techniques to be the most effective. I use Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to push new people to my blogs. I use to send one message to all of my Social Media profiles simultaneously.

I post at least one video every week and leave a message on one to three of my Linked in Groups. I will typically get more unique hits from the LinkedIn Groups than most of the other processes.

And then, there’s article writing. There are more than 13 million results when searching “article submission” in Google. Imagine trying to find the right ones for your topic. It would take hours a week to keep up with all of them.

There is an alternative! There is a free software program which is designed to submit your articles to more than a hundred ezine directories, with one push of a button. It’s fairly simple to use and has built in instructions that are truly easy to follow.

You can download ASHelper and give it a try. Make sure to keep track of your rankings and Google results and watch your success through the change of your numbers. You’ll also want to download Adobe Air to complete the package.  Just follow along the prompts and you’ll soon have more results on Google Search with your name and website as well as more traffic coming back to your site.

The most effective however has been submitting articles on I took six months off from submitting articles on the site and my Google results dropped in half. That was a costly lesson. Within a few short weeks after picking up the practice again, I noticed there were more unique links on my site (viewed by using the plugin Statrix) than ever before and most of them had the unique tag from

Writing an article takes about an hour and the amount of visibility it will bring to you is priceless. I submit an article every week, sometimes two and have been able to increase my Google results from 100,000 to more than 250,000 in the past few weeks. It looks great when you’re talking with potential radio talk show producers and it adds to your credibility in their view.

Consistency is the key however. Don’t let up just because you begin to see the results you’re looking for now. The results, as proven by my slacking off, will not remain unless you continue to do the work.