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Becoming a member of Creative Impressions Press will give you more tools and skills than any other program for authors anywhere else! I have taken more than 20 years of my experience in the publishing industry, plus the experience it took to get my own eight books out into the world and put each and every technique into this program to give you a step-by-step resource that will provide you a six-figure income with less than 20 hours a week, while showing you how to retain 75% of the sales price of your book.

You will save more than $22,000 on all of these techniques you must do to become a well known and even best selling author, including:

  • 15 Weeks Private Weekly Sessions ($6,000)
  • Blog Set up ($1,000)
  • Your Right to Write 12 CD Set ($1,000)
  • SpeakEasy Today 12 CD Set ($1,000)
  • Article Submission Software ($500)
  • Kindle Conversion ($1,200)
  • 1 Year Membership in Book Your Guests ($1,500)
  • Book Marketing Team Training ($3,000)
  • Joint Venture Training Program ($2,000)
  • Teleseminar Training Program ($2,000)
  • Book Sponshorship Training ($2,000)
  • Back of the Room Sales Production ($1,000)
  • Lifetime Access to Expert Interview Series ($1,000)
  • Product Creation Training Program ($1,000)

Save on these

  • Complete Professional Editing for $1,000 (typically $2-3,000)

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