How It Works

From start to finish, we will work with you, if it fits within our profile, and give you the ability to make your book a best seller or more importantly, turn you into a six-figure income earner,  in as short a period as possible.

There are five main modules to the training, plus one-on-one coaching included with the Platinum Program.

Silver Program $3,000

This program is great for the person is is self motivated and can inspire themselves to consistently progress in their endeavors:

52 Video Training Lessons to Launch Site and get in the top 1/10th% of all websites

18 Pre Press Video Training Lessons on what needs to be done prior to publishing

22 Video training marketing training lessons to create a 6-figure income

12 CD Training Lessons on Writing Your Book

12 CD Training Lessons on Speaking in Your Community

12 CD Training Lessons on Sales and Personality Recognition Techniques

This is a self-paced video/text program created to make it easy for you to get published in 6 to 8 weeks. It only takes one hour a day and you will be on your way.

• Assist in obtaining ISBN number ($55 incl bar code)
• Provide resources for book cover design
• Arrange printers quotes ($10/bk 1,000; $4/book $5,000)
• Search Engine Optimization
• Arrange editing resources when requested
• Article Submission (mostly free)
• Advance Book Information from Bowers
• Set up 800 number
• Merchant Account Details
• Place book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ($99)
• Library of Congress
• Book Reviews
• Ask for Reviews for Amazon
• Press Release
• Provide 1 year membership of
• Provide Support for BYG: Interview, Q&A and Hook
• Arrange writing resources for sales letter
• Blog Set up
• POD Cast Set up
• Engage Book Marketing Team
• Launch Book Marketing Campaign within 6 weeks of all
above details complete
• Complete details on 22 proven marketing strategies
• Speaking Program ($999)

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