I spent 20 years in the printing and publishing industry prior to 1985. Then after tackling entrepreneurship, I became motivated to write my first book in 2000 so that I’d be eligible to speak at an expo in Sacramento.

The first book, Mixing it Up! The Entrepreneur’s New Testament took me five months to write. I wanted to be a speaker at an Entrepreneur’s Expo and wouldn’t have disappointed the event organizer so I had to get it done. It was a great experience to see how quickly I could get through the process.

The second, Making a List and Checking it Twice, only took three weeks. Again, I had a speaking engagement so I discovered I work well under pressure.

Next I wrote a children’s story, The Adventures of Master Pineapple, or it wrote itself through a dream I had. It’s about children who have cancer and escape the cancer treatment center and the adventure they experience leads them through curing their cancer. All proceeds are dedicated to a cancer resource service.

My fourth book, Just Over Broke Syndrome, took three-and-a-half years to research. Believe me, it’ll be my last research work. That was very difficult with my personality.

My fifth book is a business book, Strategy Outweighs Scarcity and is dedicated to all those companies who don’t exercise their options to formulate strategic plans to keep their companies profitable.

Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom is my sixth book and was inspired by my brother’s ten year battle with terminal illnesses as well as the many critical circumstances I faced for the majority of my life.

My most recent release, Be Your Own Boss Guide is dedicated to help those who are facing layoffs and are inspired to discover the entrepreneurial spirit.

I started teaching other authors how to retain 75% of the sales price and learn how to market their books to achieve a full time income. Most authors hire an agent who takes 10% of their total income. The agent’s job is to find a publisher who will take 50% of their income. And it’s completely up to the author to arrange their own publicity and arrange all of their media exposure. When they get their book into a retail store or on an online store, that establishment expects 50% of their income, often leaving the author in the whole for all of their expenses.

So you might ask, why bother?

That’s what I wondered until I finally figured out that I could get Amazon to pay me $20 for my $25 book and after printing, I retain 75% of the sales price.

My friend who invited me to be on Oprah’s show in 1991 has sold over 400,000 books and has made 35 cents per book. I have made more on my first book in only nine years selling less than 10,000 books that she has. I view that as a travesty for her, but no matter how much I try to convince her that there is a better way, she’s stuck on having that publisher.

The difference for her would have been $6 million rather than $140,000 in her income.

What would you prefer doing?

This program will guide you through each and ever step and help you realize your optimum potential as an author.

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  1. Your services are very interesting. I have been completely disillusioned about the entire publishing field. Yes, I’m a first time author. I wrote a blog-novel mostly just to serve as an outlet for my desires to write. What I did not expect was the following I attracted along the way of writing this novel online. I was very humbled and surprised. I’ve got the entire novel saved in Word. I’ve been turned down so much that maybe there is another way to publish rather than going the traditional route. I have no desire to travel all over the country to promote the book. As you pointed out, it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

    If you do get a chance, I’d appreciate you going to my website, take a look and maybe give me your impressions. The people that enjoyed it are not professionals. I’d like to get your opinion if that is ok.


  2. Hi David – it’s great to hear from you and your challenge with publishers is exactly why I created my program. Consider yourself fortunate, a publisher didn’t pick up your book. First, they take over ownership of the book and take 50% of the sales price just for printing it.

    Think twice about buying a book in a bookstore or on line at Amazon – the author will only get 50 cents if they’re lucky!

    I love to show authors how to retain 75% of a $20 book – after all, it’s their intellectual property.

    I’ve read through a few of the 2008 entries and I enjoyed reading them.

    I’d like to know what you would like to do with the book – do you want to speak, do radio interviews or what will you be comfortable doing to market the book?

    I agree with you, I don’t like the idea of being on the road trying to sell books at book signings. I developed a complete program that is self paced. You can pick and choose as many of the programs, including 1,500 radio talk shows you can get interviews on. I typically call 4 producers to get one interview and sell 25-100 books per interview.

    Feel free to contact me and we can talk about getting your book out there.

    My best, Sharyn

  3. Sharyn,

    It seems no matter which way I go in the publishing field, there is a lot of hard work involved, some of which I’m not at all comfortable doing. For example, doing radio interviews is something I have never in my life considered. I have never been much as a public speaker. I am much better at putting my thoughts into the printed word. It is a lot to consider. But, at the same time, it would be wonderful to leave something behind in the literary world when my time comes.

    I think what I need is a boost of confidence to continue onward. Is there someone that I could get to read my raw, unedited manuscript and give a professional opinion? By professional opinion, someone who can say with good authority and experience that this book marketable. I don’t want someone to tell me what I want to hear. But, someone who will give an unbiased opinion. That is what I need. Maybe that person is you, I honestly don’t know. But, I feel before I dive headlong into this any further, this is what I need. I would appreciate your comments on that.

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