Teleseminars and Webinars

One of the easiest methods of gaining a new audience is to conduct teleseminars to preview your intellectual knowledge. For some, a teleseminar seems like a daunting task. They don’t know what the process involves, so I decided to make it a little more clear as to how the process can be made more simple. … Read more

Push Letters

The process typically involves two steps: first, an explanation as to what information they will obtain with a method they will receive the information, (thus, the capture box to keep them informed once they leave their details) the date and time of the delivered information and what they can expect from taking time to listen to your offer. This first step usually includes a headline, a short video, the capture box and a couple of testimonials from satisfied clients. You might even offer free downloadable bonuses such as an ebook, audio recording or a sample of your content. You have to remember, people are extremely busy and are bombarded with content and you need to do what it takes to stand out from your competition.