Twitter Following Etiquette

I was reminded by a Twitter expert that there is an unwritten rule of etiquette in social media, but especially on Twitter. It’s about building relationships, not selling your wares. In fact, you’ll get shunned if you try to start out by selling.

When I was asked to be getting on Twitter, of course my first reaction, was, not another social media distraction! In January I was following 22 people and had 5 followers. Then a friend of mine explained that Twitter is like have an automatic email system to let everyone you know and who is following you know what you’re up to.

Are you doing a teleseminar, radio interview or speaking engagement? Did your article just get placed on a new ezine? Twitter it! With one 140 character message, you can keep everyone informed.

You can follow the people you admire, you can suggest that others follow you. You can keep up with the latest greatest information. I have learned so much about Internet marketing Twitter add-ons and who I have a lot in common with.

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