I’m sure you’ve heard of Affiliates, but have you figured out how to make Affiliate programs work for you? Typically Affiliate programs are designed so you can find a product on or, send it to your database and make a commission (25-50%) from what your database sells.

But let’s turn the tables on the Affiliate program. By now you should have your Facebook account and have been adding friends who are authors and in the media. You can build some great relations, interviews and instigate impressive Affiliate Programs.

I also use and Amazon (search) to find authors who have books related to my topic. You can set up interviews so you are interviewing them and they are interviewing you. (refer to the July 6th posting for more information)

Imagine how you can increase your database by having each author send a notice to their database that they are being interviewed by you. Their database is sent to your capture page to get the information and you now have their details in your database. After both interviews, you each send a notice to your databases promoting each others books and voila, you have a great interview product for your membership site, new names in your database and you’ve sold more books!

Be sure to check back for the next posting where I will detail “Listing Your Products on Affiliate Sites”

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