Traffic is the gold of all websites, blogs and the answer to making income through the Internet. When you have enough traffic, you can create enough income to make your passion profitable. The question is and has been, how do get that valuable traffic?

There are several key steps you can manage simply to generate more than enough traffic. Most authors are very busy with interviews, speaking engagements and all the other details that are required to generate continual interest and sales of your book.

One of best resources available for authors with their busy schedules is If there is anything you don’t have time to do, hire an expert on elance. Why should you have to learn all of the nuances of marketing your book?

If you don’t have an account, do it immediately. Post a job for “increasing web traffic”. Within a week you’ll have no less than ten to fifteen responses. Choose only those who have the highest number of previous jobs and have high ratings as well as repeat clients.

Other tactics you can apply easily is to hire or elance to write articles for you and then submit articles to,,, and one of my favorites, with the back links pointing to your blog.

The trick is to be consistent. Keep adding articles every month and you’ll get the results you want both in traffic, building your database and creating an income.

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I've published eight books and love to help others learn to take control of their intellectual property. I have developed a program that will provide authors 75% of the sales price as their income rather than the publishers and bookstores. This is the most complete program you will find for your book. Join in the adventure. Let me help you take your book out into the world.
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