Book Signings

I love to set up book signings. It’s not that I sell a lot of books but it’s a great opportunity to create a media event. When local media such as newspaper, magazines, radio and television cover your book signing, you can include the media on your website.

The first thing you want to do is find a book store who will be willing to host the event. The smaller local bookstore has the best potential. You’ll want to find out if they will want an even 50/50 split on the books you sell. Some will offer at 60/40 split with you receiving the 60%. Let them make the offer. Only once has a bookstore offered to buy my book, typically they want one copy at no charge prior to the book signing. Approach the owner or the manager and ask if they have book signings. They will typically know the type of book signing which will work for them.

Most often, it will be a matter of the bookstore sending out a notice to their database talking about a local author being available for a private book signing.

They will also want you to participate in inviting people you know. The idea is to drive traffic to the store.

You’ll want to create a poster for the store to put in the window; set up an event on your Facebook site; Twitter the announcement to your followers and look for local groups like book clubs or women’s groups who would support your book signing.

The day of the event, make sure you know if you will have an ideal atmosphere to read from your book or if it will strictly be a signing. The store will typically provide cookies and tea.