Facebook Fan Page

We all know Facebook changes up their appearance and available applications on a regular basis, which makes it difficult to find things when you’re looking for them.

The first time I created a Fan Page was about three years ago and the page no longer exists. I didn’t remove it, but during one of the famous Facebook upgrades, it disappeared.

So, I had to start from scratch. But I couldn’t find the application. I looked every where that seemed logical, but to no avail, they had hidden the application.

Then one day I was looking at someone else’s Fan Page and saw on the left column their was a new link: Add Fan Page. At first I thought it was to add it to my favorites, but when I clicked on it, it came up with a new screen and I was able to start my Fan Page from scratch!

Not so easy a task is getting others to follow. I have about 4,700 Friends on Facebook and I spent an hour asking 100 at a time to join my Fan Page. 358 actually did within the first couple of weeks.

Then I asked them to ask their friends to join my Fan Page and ended up with nearly a hundred more. It’s a slow process, but you can add Fans more quickly with services which are popping up every day which allow you to pay a fee for someone to push people to your Fan Page.

The main draw back with that is the people who end up on your Fan Page are not necessarily in sync with you and your message.

I paid to have someone drive members to one of my groups and ended up with about 100 people under the age of 20 on the page, but not one person who was business oriented.

Numbers don’t outweigh the quality of Fans or Members.

But, get started today and create your own Fan Page and communicate with them with valuable information, every day!

Set up your Fan Page