Independently Published

There are author programs, and then there are programs which are designed to take advantage of authors who only want to get their books out into the world.

I was talking with a new friend tonight about the various programs that are available for authors. My challenge is most of the programs make money for those who create the programs while leaving the authors with the responsibility of performing all the work and leaving them with pennies on the dollar for their efforts.

The sad part about the programs is that most authors are taken in by those who are not engaged with the prospect of aiding the author in gaining their notoriety and in generating an income which will support them in a manner in which they will be able to support them in a comfortable manner.

Independently publish authors become responsible for every aspect in getting their books out into the world including and especially the marketing. But most authors have very little experience in marketing. Their forte is writing.

It is important to look towards others when you do not possess the expertise you need to acquire success. Whether it is a coach, another author or a program that keeps you in control of your own income and makes sure you retain the ownership of your intellectual property.