Chat Rooms

Years ago, probably 1995, I was talking with the man who created my first website and he was telling me how he had sold his first website. He had created a website with tropical fish and had sold the website six months later for $60,000.

I was impressed!

Then about eight months later he sold his wine import website for $90,000. That I had to stop and ask him what in the world he did should be no surprise.

He told me how he had gone on to the chat boards and bulletin boards and started asking questions about the fish then the wine. He used a false identity and answered with another identity, leaving the link to his websites.

It was very clever when you consider it was 17 years ago. And it still works today. But what I prefer to do is go to LinkedIn and join groups that pertain to my websites and answer other people’s questions and include a back link to my site each time.

Occasionally I get someone to reply to my answer and actually look at my website. I’ve even talked live to several people once we started talking several times.

There are many websites you can use to develop conversations including Google and Yahoo groups. But if you’re looking to drive traffic and get new clients, this is one techniques that will yield your more of both with the least of effort. And it will not cost you a fortune in pay per click dollars.