Flip Video

I bought the Flip Video about two years ago and I began to do facial readings (physiognomy) and post the results to my www.StreetSmartDifference.com Sales Training website. It was a lot of fun to find people, tell them about themselves and then have them tell me how much fun it was.

The fact is, adding a video every week to your site will increase your rankings drastically. Not only do people like videos but the search engines love them. So it makes sense to keep adding them as often as possible.

I use my Flip video when I’m out with friends or when I’m at events. No matter where I go I find a reason to capture the moment and use it for one of my blogs.

Each video should be no more than five minutes. You can load the video directly from your computer or you can load them to a YouTube channel and load them from there. If you use YouTube, there are three methods of uploading your video:

1. The URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvuKOMDNgmI&list=UUgYxZA-hoWE4-Py-MPi_2Aw&index=5&feature=plcp
2. The embedded version:
3. Share the Video: http://youtu.be/zvuKOMDNgmI

Some blogs will have a link back to YouTube to watch the video when you use the URL. So you’ll need to test the three methods to see which one works to play the video within your blog.