I conducted a Teleclass Course with the worksheet and have placed it on the website so you can listen to the detail of what it will take for you to create your own Teleclass series.

You’ll want to go back to the authors that gave you bonus gifts  from the Book Marketing Campaigns you have conducted and schedule an interview with them to create content for your membership site.

I’ve been using for my teleseminars, and my end of the conversations are recording out well. You may also fix the recordings if they are not clear. I tried the Levelator software found at gigavox. It’s a free download

I found a new resource, ZoHo that is free and has many more options than GoToMeeting. You can conduct your teleclass with visual access for your attendees.

The main purpose in conducting teleseminars is to generate an interest in your knowledge and expertise. People love listening to teleseminars and it is one of the fastest ways to build a following. Once your audience is comfortable with your sharing your expertise, they will be more likely to join your membership site.

You can promote your teleseminars through Social Media through Fan Pages, Group Pages, Events and friends on Facebook as well as through all the groups you join on LinkedIn.